Prototyping is experimentation. Prototyping is the act of transforming ones ideas and visions into something tangible; that others can interact with. It’s a method to uncover truths and insights about your idea and vision; generating better decisions and outcomes.

Definition a la Google:

a first, typical or preliminary model of something, especially a machine, from which other forms are developed or copied.
“the firm is testing a prototype of the weapon”
make a prototype of (a product).

Prototyping is asking a question to your target audience indirectly through observing their “answer” via interaction with your prototype.

Prototyping is a hands-on way to learn more about your product, your customer, your market.

Like the emotion of love, the art and science of design often times is at a loss for words in describing the shape, form, function of an inventor’s “idea”. A prototype is tool that helps bring real shape and meaning to an idea which can’t be explained or described well in words.

“Prototypes are one of the best accelerating abilities you can provide for a development team, regardless of what type of device they are working to achieve.

Humans of course are primarily a visual being and though we have evolved to use very descriptive language, it is still second nature, and a common spoken or written language is not universally shared by all, but, if you play charades, everyone in the room will know what you are saying, regardless of language, if you use physical references they are familiar with.”

~Additive Manufacturing Industry Expert