1. Prototyping Submission Homeworks
    1. http://bit.ly/prototype-now
  2. Rapid Innovation Cycle Homeworks
    1. Individual
      1. Week #2: In-class Participation and AttendanceWeek 02 Module (n/a) 
      2. Beckman & Barry “Innovation as a Learning Process” (120 min)
      3. Rose Bud Thorn Week #2 (30 min)
      4. OPTIONAL: Tell us about a software or hardware prototyping experience you’ve had (30 min)
    2. Group
      1. Choose your own group adventure wisely to manage workload*:
        1. HARDWARE TEAMS: 3D printed or other Hardware Prototype (120 min), due 3rd week of class
        2. SOFTWARE TEAM: PoP app and/or PPT Software Prototype (120 min) due 4th week of class
      2. ALL TEAMS: Company Website (120 min) due 4th week of class
      3. Project Check in #2 (120 min)

* Essentially, we need every team to build a website. That being said, if you’re a hardware prototyping team, we need you focused on Week 2 in-class requirements and to keep the 3D printing momentum up. Thus, this schedule really was designed for you…but for those of you doing software prototyping, we don’t want you to relax, thus, we encourage you to do the week 4 submission during week 2 so that you don’t get overwhelmed creating your PoP App / web-prototypes (which are DIFFERENT from your company websites).