This is one of the most critical aspects to the course and we want everyone to take it as seriously as we do. It’s where you get to influence the future of Haas and do your part to make it better going forward. 

The Haas TIES Evaluation for Hands-on Rapid Prototyping is always scheduled during one of the last weeks of class on DemoDay OR the PROTOTYPATHON. The BCourses due date reflects the day you need to submit your evaluation.

Here’s the link to that evaluation:

“Why does this matter to me?  I’m graduating…” you might think to yourself.  Think again.

Think about the UC Berkeley brand strength.  This school has built a reputation on excellence and what makes your degree valuable today is all of the amazing students and teachers who came before all of us who has made the UC Berkeley Haas brand synonymous with “the best public university in the world” along with “one of the best business schools in the world.”  It’s likely one of the factors in why you chose to come to Berkeley over other top-ranked business schools.  UC Berkeley faculty and staff didn’t get there in a vacuum…we arrived here through a deep and meaningful relationship between faculty, staff AND students and these TIES evaluations are the most efficient and unbiased feedback mechanisms we have.

Please take the time to submit meaningful and candid feedback.  It represents your investment and commitment to making U.C. Berkeley the best public school on the planet.

Thank you,

~CDM and the teaching team

How to earn credit on this assignment:

  1. Complete the survey with meaningful and actionable feedback
  2. Encourage all of your peers to submit the survey…we want 100% of your feedback!
  3. Submit the personalized text in Bcourses:  “I (insert your name here) have completed this Haas teaching evaluation to the best of my ability”.

Thanks again and Go Bears!