1. Assignment Type: Group
  2. Estimated time required: 120 minutes
  3. Due by second week of class
  4. Points Possible (25 points)
  5. Other: For Hardware Teams Only

IF YOU ARE A HARDWARE TEAM (or have any hardware component of your company that should be tested):

Create a submit a file or picture of your hardware prototype (3D CAD model (STL file) that could be 3D printed on the Printrbots in the Innovation Lab or another type of prototype proof).  Tell us how much time you spent designing and creating the model (to earn maximum points, think about your design in the context of market experimentation.  How much time would you invest designing and 3D printing/creating this prototype to validate/invalidate a market hypothesis?) *Feel free to leverage other STL files from sites like Thingiverse.com and tools like Selva3D.com to enhance your design.

Submit a 2-minute video of someone WHO YOU DO NOT KNOW using or testing your hardware prototype.  

Paste a YouTube link into the OpenText field to submit the assignment.

This is a group assignment.  Submit with either your project team or whomever you’d like.  Just put your names in the submission. 


Strong emphasis here on getting someone you don’t know to test out your hardware prototype.

Part of this exercise is getting you and your team comfortable asking strangers (and eventually, target customers) to use something that may not be “fully baked.”  You need to do this to learn more about what your real target customers care about.

Video screenshots of your prototyping solution are valid but not ideal.  At least two people are likely necessary to pull this assignment off…one to film the user/target customer, the other to hand over the prototype to have the user/target customer test it.

Have fun!