1. Assignment Type: Individual
  2. RIC students only
  3. Estimated time required: 10 minutes
  4. Due by second week at the beginning of class
  5. Typical Points Possible: 10
  6. U.C. Berkeley Students: Find specific due dates in Bcourses.

Why is this assignment important?

We need you to be logged in and ready to start using TinkerCAD BEFORE class starts. This assignment should take you no time; however, this is NOT to be done in class.

Have a registered TinkerCAD.com account before the class on Hardware Prototyping starts. Typically second class.

We will be doing hands-on, live, 3D Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) using TinkerCAD in class. We will not have time for you to figure this out in class. Show up prepared to design a 3D CAD object and export to *.STL files ready for 3D Printing Build Prep and 3D Printing.

Submit a screenshot on Bcourses of your account logged in to get full credit.

What you will have accomplished if you fully engage in this assignment:

  1. You will have familiarized yourself with a useful and user-friendly 3D CAD modeling program whereby you can export your designs into *.STL format, ready for 3D printing.
  2. You will have empowered yourself to design personalized and customized 3D shapes.
  3. You will have eliminated a classroom distraction for yourself, your peers and the teaching team. Thank you.