1. Assignment Type: Individual
  2. For both RIC and PN students
  3. Estimated time required: 20 minutes
  4. Due by second week at the beginning of class
  5. U.C. Berkeley Students: Find specific due dates and times in Bcourses.

Why this assignment is important?

Reviewing the syllabus in this class is important as the course structure is different than most courses at U.C. Berkeley–in which classes typically operate on an average 3.0 unit, 15 week courseload. This class however is different for several key reasons in order to directly improve the learner experience and better achieve learning outcomes for this course:

  1. This is a 1.0 unit, 5 week course. This course should be treated like a 3.0 unit courseload. If this course would continue for the typical 15 week semester, there would easily be 3.0 units worth of work completed. This gives students who want to experience entrepreneurship in a lower-risk format, they can. Signing up for an entrepreneurial class in which you determine you don’t like entrepreneurship in week 1 is quite daunting to endure for 15 weeks.
  2. The modern student wants structure, rigor and a well-thought out learning experience which doesn’t always translate to entrepreneurial experiences. Since ambiguity is an intrinsic component to any entrepreneurial venture, we want to ensure to provide some guidance via the syllabus and ensure that students looking for help and support know where to find it. The syllabus has all the essential components to reducing anxiety about where to find information, resources and how to successfully engage in the class.

Students will be required to sign off on each and every paragraph of the course syllabus so as to ensure everyone who takes the class is on the same page with their peers and the teaching team to prevent misalignment of expectations; enabling those who are unsure an early opportunity to either add confidence to their course experience or opt out for another course.

DocuSign PowerForms

  1. UGBA
    1. 2020
      1. Spring 2020 (DocuSign PF)
  2. MBA
    1. 2020
      1. Spring 2020 (DocuSign PF)CDM TO UPDATE SCHEDULE
    2. 2019
      1. Fall 2019 (no longer available)