1. Assignment Type: Group
  2. Estimated time required: 120 minutes
  3. Due by fifth week of class
  4. Points Possible (25 points)

Please submit an updated slide deck w/the following content for each team:

  1. Team Name (plus team members) & the product or service name
  2. Project introduction
  3. Your previous Rapid Innovation Cycle Experimental Results from last Project Check-in
  4. Your updated Rapid Innovation Cycle key insights (you should have several by now)
  5. Any updates on challenges you’re having – solved and new challenges


CriteriaPoints Possible
Opportunity Recognition

Team effectively shows that the team explored a robust set of problems/ business ideas (10+) and from that set, chose one that will lead to insights and market opportunities
5 points possible

Good responses for Opportunity Recognition typically include:Quantity of opportunities recognizedFiltering methodologiesMarket Opportunity AssessmentProblem Refinement / Reframing
Solution Selection

Team effectively shows why the solution is feasible considering the constraints faced.(Bonus points if it explains why current solutions do not solve the problem statement)
5 points possible

Good responses for Solution Selection typically include:Constraints identifiedPotential solutions brainstormSolutions filteringCompeting alternativesFeasibility of market experimentation
Market Experimentation

The team demonstrates the ability to efficiently and effectively design, build and execute a market experiment (hardware or software). Valuable quantitative and qualitative data is produced
5 points possible

Good responses for Market Experimentation typically include:Experimental Design: does your market experiment provide data that will help you prove or disprove your hypothesis?Is this ME efficient, effective?Is there enough qualitative/quantitative data to be conclusive?How were the users/customers reached?Limitations and assumptions of market experiment are discussed
Experimental Results

The team demonstrates a solid understanding of their experimental results and extracted novel and nonobvious insight
5 points possible

Good responses for Experimental Results typically include:Thoughtful synthesis of the dataInsights generatedHypothesis validated/invalidated?Next steps?  Next Iteration?  Next topic to explore/investigate

Team is progressing on the RIC process and is using the concepts learned it the classroom to experiment with customers and iterate
5 points possible

The team clearly demonstrates that progress in their project is being madeThat new insights and learnings are being generated by the teamThat the RIC concepts/ tools/frameworks, etc. are being correctly appliedTeam shows promise for a sound DemoDay performance
Total Score25 points total possible

This is a nearly identical grading rubric that is used by Hands-on Rapid Prototyping Judges on DemoDay to evaluate your final projects.

Final DemoDay Rubric: http://bit.ly/DemoDayRubric

Detailed Check-in #4 Rubric: http://bit.ly/RIC-checkin-04

Leverage the templates section if you’re looking for more guidance.