The DemoDay is the day of reckoning for our Hands-on Rapid Prototyping students. It’s when real professionals, real potential customers and other prototyping enthusiasts come to engage with our current students and their course projects.

Typically, it’s on the last day of their class. Typically we invite industry professionals relevant to student projects to these DemoDays. Typically we invite guests and students out to celebrate after we wrap up so they can bump elbows with professionals and entrepreneurs in their industry.

This is an important day for many reasons. To best prepare, here are some tips:

This page contains a lot about what we’d like you to know about the Hands-on Rapid Prototyping DemoDay experience. 

There are two types of DemoDay Formats:

1) Poster Session Format

Spring 2012 to Fall 2019 – Poster Session Format

2) Presentation Format

  Fall 2018 – Presentation Format –

Here’s a Do’s and Don’t’s presentation that walks through a number of projects, timelines and so forth

Here’s the Judging Rubric that judges have been using now for over 7+ years:

Here’s the instructional video we send to judges on how to evaluate your projects: